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Aaroz and Company Luxurious Jaipur Handmade Lac Bangles

Made from Premium Quality Lac Material.

Perfect Gift:  to your loved ones.

Our artisans pour their heart and soul into creating these exquisite pieces, ensuring every detail is crafted with utmost care and precision. The result is a collection of bangles that exude beauty and captivate the eye. Our Jaipur Handmade Lac Bangles are the perfect choice. Inspired by the rich heritage of Jaipjur’s traditional artistry

All Skin Types

Made from Premium Quality Lac Material. Made from toxic-free materials Anti-Allergic and Safe for every Skin Type.

Pure Organic

Lac is the natural resin


Avoid Moisture. Avoid Spraying any liquids or perfume directly into the Jewelry. Store in a Dust Free Bag.

Handmade Jewelry and Jaipur Lac Bangles for every skin.

What Our Customers Say

It is wonderful shopping from them. They have a super wonderful collection and I will highly recommend as the quality of the products they serve is fantastic.
Aaroz and Company Review
Kavita Negandhi
I got my ordered bangle within the time and the product is so beautiful and accurate as I had ordered. And a very good quality of customer service. I really really appreciate it.
Review for Aaroz and Company Lac Bangles
Lizalin Pattanaik​
Beautiful collection… The prices were also fine. They had some unique designs.. worth visiting 😊 Delivered across India..
Review for Aaroz and Company Lac Bangles
Finally found Bangles that was exactly what I was looking for fits me perfectly and looks so smart lots of compliments.
Aaroz and Company cx
Gorgeous bangles which were delivered on time during the wedding rush. The staff had been extremely patient and polite and delivered excellent product at amazing prices
Review for Aaroz and Company Lac Bangles
Sweta Jha​
Very nicely done as per the requirement.
Review for Aaroz and Company Lac Bangles
Even better than expected: the size is perfect and the weight is super light! A dainty piece of jewelry, I will buy again for my wife.
Red wedding choora
Such a beautiful bangle ❤️❤️ It's creative design.
Review for Aaroz and Company Lac Bangles

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Aaroz and Company: Premier Destination for Ethnic Handmade Jewelry

At Aaroz and Company, we specialize in ethnic handmade jewelry, offering a curated collection that blends tradition with modern elegance. From lac bangles and glass bangles to brass and velvet bangles, bridal chura, and an array of handcrafted pieces, we are dedicated to providing jewelry that suits every occasion. Discover the essence of Indian ethnic fashion through our exquisite designs at Aaroz and Company.

Lac Bangles: A Cultural Heritage Revived

Lac bangles hold a venerable position in Indian tradition. Our collection revives this heritage with a modern twist, offering designs that blend timeless charm with contemporary aesthetics. For enthusiasts, our women’s lac bangles feature minimalist yet intricately crafted pieces that showcase the beauty of handmade artistry. Aaroz and Company is your premier online destination for exploring these elegant styles.

A Comprehensive Range of Ethnic Jewelry

Our offerings extend beyond lac bangles. Aaroz and Company present a broad spectrum of ethnic jewelry designed for comfort and style. Our collection includes wedding bangles, office wear bangles, party wear bangles, lac bangle sets, and festive bangles, each meticulously crafted with attention to detail and comfort. We aim to meet the diverse tastes of our fashion-conscious clientele with our exclusive designer pieces.

Discover Our Extensive Collection

Aaroz and Company is a haven for ethnic fashion lovers. The more you explore our collection, the more you’ll appreciate the artistry and elegance of our jewelry. Each piece in our designer ethnic jewelry collection evokes a sense of nostalgia while inspiring future trends in ethnic fashion, making it perfect for creating memorable impressions.

Stay Fashion-Forward with Aaroz and Company

At Aaroz and Company, we ensure you stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends in ethnic fashion. Our carefully curated collections are designed to align with seasonal changes and the evolving landscape of women’s ethnic fashion in India. Each piece is created to seamlessly integrate with your wardrobe, celebrating our rich cultural heritage.

The Allure of Hand-Painted Details

Hand-painted detailing is a highlight in contemporary ethnic wear. The unique blend of authentic, handcrafted designs with lightweight, comfortable materials creates a captivating appeal. Our pieces not only stand out but also offer comfort and elegance, making them a favorite among ethnic fashion aficionados.

The Enduring Charm of Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry has an enduring appeal that transcends time and geography. Wearing handcrafted ethnic pieces during Indian festivals or daily life connects you with your heritage, no matter where you are in the world. Investing in these timeless pieces allows you to celebrate your roots while embracing the elegance of ethnic fashion.

Experience the Aaroz and Company Difference

Explore the world of Aaroz and Company, where tradition meets innovation in ethnic jewelry. Our commitment to quality, design, and customer satisfaction makes us the ultimate destination for your ethnic jewelry needs. Discover the finest collections that reflect the essence of Indian culture and elevate your style with Aaroz and Company.

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