Lac Bangles Making Process: Crafting Jaipur’s Signature Jewelry

Crafted with expertise and tradition, Jaipur's Lac Bangles Making Process embodies elegance and cultural significance. The Lac Bangles Making Process involves meticulous steps, beginning with the use of natural lac, heated and shaped to perfection. Brass or steel serves as the base for the lac, onto which colored lac is meticulously applied. These bangles are then shaped and dried before being adorned with pearls, semi-precious stones, and other embellishments, each step in the process contributing to their unique charm. Through generations of skill and dedication, artisans have perfected the art of crafting lac bangles, turning them into more than just accessories but symbols of craftsmanship and heritage.

Lac Bangles Making Process

Natural Essence in Lac Bangles Making

The primary material for these bangles is natural lac, a resinous substance, which is then colored using heated colored lac. The initial steps involve thickly pasting normal lac onto a wooden rod. This lac is then rolled over a flat surface to shape it into a cylindrical form.

Heating and Shaping: Crucial Steps in the Lac Bangles Making Process

The shaped lac undergoes slow heating over a coal burner. As it heats, it is continuously pressed and rolled over a flat iron plate using a wooden tool. Simultaneously, colored lac is heated and applied evenly to the base lac. Once colored, the lac is shaped into a thin coil and cut from the plain lac rod.

Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process
Lac Bangles Making Process

Base Incorporation in the Lac Bangles Making Process​

The width of the bangle is determined by the design. Brass or steel serves as the base for the lac. The metals are crafted into the desired bangle shape, and the thin lac coil is rolled onto this base. For thinner lac bangles, three brass bangles are stacked together, and the lac coil is rolled over them. With a steel base, the thickness matches the required width of the bangle.​​

Shaping and Drying: Key Stages in the Lac Bangles Making Process​

The semi-finished bangle is then placed onto a round wooden beam with a tapering end, adjusting it to the desired shape. After shaping, the bangles are set aside for drying.​

Precious Embellishments in the Lac Bangles Making Process​

Lac bangles are often adorned with pearls, semi-precious stones, mirrors, and beads. The embellishment process requires great precision. The stones are heated over a tin plate on a small burner until their bases melt the lac surface, allowing them to stick after cooling. The meticulous work of applying these embellishments is typically done by the women in the artisan's family.​

Final Touches in the Lac Bangles Making Process

Before the final product reaches the market, the lac bangles are heated once more, ensuring they are ready to receive their final decorative elements. This heating ensures the bangles are well-prepared to receive semi-precious stones, sequins, colorful kundans, and other adornments.

The Handmade Luxury Craft​

1. Crafting the Base: Brass or steel bangle shaping with a round wooden tool.
2. Rolling Lac Dough: The basic raw material is meticulously rolled before coloring.
3. Coloring Process: Application of colored lac onto the lac dough.
4. Shaping the Lac: Pressing colored lac to create a thin roll with a flat wooden tool.
5. Fixing the Lac: Attaching the lac roll onto the base bangle.
6. Shaping the Final Product: Slight heating and rolling over a wooden shaping tool.
7. Embellishment Preparation: Lac bangles prepped for stone embellishments.
8. Stone Application: Semi-precious stones being applied to the lac bangle surface.
9. Artisan's Final Touch: The dazzling display of lac bangles ready for sale.

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