Exquisite Set of 8 Red and Green Enamel Lac Bangles – Traditional Indian Handcrafted Jewelry

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Add a touch of vibrant elegance to your ensemble with this exquisite set of 8 Red and Green Enamel Lac Bangles. Each bangle is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing the rich craftsmanship of traditional Indian jewelry.

The combination of vibrant red and green enamels creates a striking contrast that is sure to catch the eye. The intricate detailing and delicate patterns further enhance the beauty of these bangles, making them a perfect accessory for festive occasions, weddings, or cultural events.

Made from high-quality lac, these bangles are not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. They effortlessly slide onto your wrists, providing a comfortable fit. The set includes 8 bangles, allowing you to mix and match or wear them all together for a bold and statement-making look.

These traditional Indian lac bangles are a true testament to the timeless charm of ethnic jewelry. They add a touch of cultural heritage and allure to any outfit, whether it’s a traditional saree or a contemporary fusion ensemble. Embrace the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and make a fashion statement with these stunning enamel lac bangles.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of these bangles, slight variations in color and design may occur, adding to their unique appeal.

Product Usage: Avoid contact with water and organic chemicals i.e. perfume sprays. Avoid Direct Sunlight, and store in a box. After use, wipe the jewelry with soft cotton cloth. First wear your makeup, perfume – then wear your jewelry. This will keep your jewelry shining for years.

Our products are photographed professionally under controlled lighting. Colors tend to be perceived differently depending on factors such as shot angles, lighting, background tones and color temperatures. As a result, prints and colors may vary 10% -12%. Nevertheless, we strive to match the tones as close to the original product colors as possible.


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