Red wedding choora by Aaroz and Company

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Elevate your bridal elegance with the enchanting “Red Wedding Choora” by Aaroz and Company. This exquisite wedding bangle set is meticulously handcrafted to add a touch of timeless tradition to your special day. Let the deep, passionate hues of red symbolize love, commitment, and prosperity as you embark on your journey of togetherness.

Importance of the Choora: The Choora holds a special place in Indian bridal traditions. It’s not just a set of bangles but a symbol of the bride’s newlywed status and her commitment to her partner. Here’s why the Red Wedding Choora is a must-have for your wedding day:

  • Symbol of Matrimony: The Choora symbolizes the newlywed bride’s marital status and is believed to bring good luck and happiness to the couple’s life.
  • Auspicious Red: Red is considered an auspicious color in Indian culture, signifying love, passion, and the beginning of a beautiful journey together.
  • Tradition Meets Elegance: This choora seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design, ensuring you look stunning on your special day.
  • Handcrafted Beauty: Every bangle in the set is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, making each piece a unique work of art.

Care Instructions: To ensure the longevity of your Red Wedding Choora, follow these care instructions:

  1. Avoid Direct Contact with Perfume and Makeup: Perfumes and makeup contain chemicals that can tarnish the bangles. Put on your choora after you’ve applied these products.
  2. Keep Them Dry: Moisture can damage the lac on the bangles. Remove them before showering or washing your hands.
  3. Store Carefully: Store your choora in a dry, cool place, and consider wrapping each bangle individually in a soft cloth to prevent scratching.
  4. Handle with Care: Though these bangles are sturdy, avoid dropping them or subjecting them to heavy pressure.

Aaroz and Company’s Red Wedding Choora is not just a set of bangles; it’s a symbol of your commitment, a mark of tradition, and a timeless piece of beauty that will be cherished for years to come. Make your wedding day truly special with this elegant choora.


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